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Sunday, 10 June 2012

TAG:This or That

TAGS are so fun to watch (and read) because they allow you to find out a bit more about the person doing said TAG.
This is the "This or That TAG" and I TAG you all to do it.

  1. Blush or Bronzer...blush!
  2. Lip gloss or lipstick...lipstick, but only a little bit so it looks natural!
  3. eyeliner or mascara...mascara for sure!
  4. foundation or conceler...foundation!
  5. neutral or color eyeshadow...neutral!
  6. pressed or lose eyeshadow...errrm, i don't really mind...either!
  7. brush's or sponges...brushes, although i don't use either tbh:L
  1. OPI or china glaze...OPI
  2. Long or short...short naturally, if they're fake then long!
  3. Acrilic or natural...i love the acrylic look but they annoy me after a while and they look gross when they start to grow out...so natural!
  4. Brights or darks...both! totally depends on what time of year it is! darks for winter and brights for summer!
  5. Flower or no flower...no flower, gotta keep it simple as I change my nails atleast once a week..i get bored so easily! 
  1. perfume or body splash...perfume for suuure!
  2. lotion or body butter...either, although i do love cocoa butter! 
  3. body wash or soap...body wash!
  4. lush or other bath company...SOAP & GLORY!  
  1. jeans or sweat pants...jeeans! 
  2. long sleeves or short...either! 
  3. skirt's or dress's...dresses! :D
  4. Stripes or plaid...stripes for sure!
  5. flip flops or sandals...i don't really wear either, but flip flops - although i really want some sandals this year!
  6. scarves or hats...ahaha scarves! i wish i could pull off wearing a hat tho!
  7. studs or dangly earrings...studs! unless they're my dangly owl earrings!
  8. necklace or bracelets...both, but I wear bracelets 24/7 
  9. heels or flats...omg both, mostly flats tho cos i can never be bothered to break my heels in..ouch!
  10. cowboy boots or ridding boots...errrm..neither?
  11. jacket or hoodie...both! if i'm going out then it's a jacket for sure!
  12. forever 21 or Charlotte Russe...Forever 21 (although i'm yet to buy from there! I've looked at their things but most of their stuff is awkward when it comes to washing them -.-) 
  13. Abercrombie or Hollister...hollister! it's way more affordable, and its pretty much the same as abercrombie but i don't really shop in either anymore so..
  14. saks 5th or Nordstrom...neither..
  1. Curly or Straight...omg both! 
  2. Bun or Ponytail...either, i never wear my hair up unless i'm at home and it's annoying me!
  3. Bobby pins or butterfly clips...depends what i'm using them for, so both!
  4. hair spray or gel...hairspray, the smell of it is just lush!
  5. long or short...long, forever wishing my hair would grow! thank god for extensions :D 
  6. Light or dark...either
  7. side swept bangs or full bangs...neither atm, i really want a full fringe tho but my forehead is too small for it to be at a length where it isn't annoying and i've just grown my side fringe out! :)
  8. up or down...down, always!
  1. Rain or shine...shine, rain depresses me.
  2. Summer or winter...both, i love curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate in the winter and summer always puts me in a good mood, especially going out with my friends without having to take a coat (and hopefully not having to worry about it starting to rain!)
  3. Fall or spring...fall! i love it when the leaves fall off the trees! idk i just think it's pretty!
  4. Chocolate of vanilla...oooh, if i was filling this in like a year ago it'd deffo be chocolate but i looove vanilla right now! 
  5. East coast or west coast...westttt! :D

wooo, i doubt anyone will read the whole of that but y'know! 
haha, thanks if you did! 
Emilie xxxx


  1. I like how you used my intro for this post xxx

  2. hahaha well i just copy and pasted all of it! hehe xx